St. Bede's Breviary: An Online Office

St. Bede's Breviary is a delightful site for those who would like to pray the hours from their phone, tablet or computer. It is the Daily Office of the Episcopal Church with the psalms and readings conveniently arranged into the "flow" of the office: no page turning! So if you would like to pray the office at the click of a button just go HERE.

But in the language of TV infomercials: Wait! There's morel! The St. Bede's Breviary allows you to design your office according to your preferences.  You can add some options allowed by the rubrics, and you can choose some that might stretch the rubrics a little, but which do have precedent in the tradition.

But first, what's a "rubric"? A rubric is an instruction in a prayerbook or servicebook. They are called rubrics because in some editions they are printed in red.

The St. Bede's Breviary allows you to choose versions of the psalms, the scriptures, whether to add antiphons, whether to add hymns, whether to observe Saint's Days, which canticles (scriptural poems from outside the psalms), which collects (simple traditional one theme prayers usually appropriate to a season or day) to use. It will also save your preferences in the cookies of your device so that when you wish to pray the office the next time you simply click and pray! So here you are, go pick your preferences and pray! CLICK HERE

This office website is splendid. The most note-worthy point is that the site is based on sound scholarship and knowledge of the tradition. The only improvement I would like to see, and it is not fair because I have not relayed this to the website master, and that is very deplorable of me, naughty naughty me, the improvement I could see is to add the option of a reading from early church theologians, or even other theology notables, as there is a rubric that allows it on occasions in the Book of Common Prayer.  (In my prayer life I interpret that occasion as being a day that I am still breathing. Rubrics are somewhat plastic in how they can be interpreted.)

So, go forth and enjoy what is in my opinion one of the most useful and pleasing online office experiences there is.